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Welcome to my blog! Check back soon for an update!

I’m Tamara, my client’s and web radio audience refer to me as The Skin Care Goddess.

I am a licensed esthetician with advanced training. To become a licensed esthetician in California, 600 hours at a state sanctioned institution is required. At the end of those 600 hours you know how to pass the State Board of Barbering’s written and practical exams.

To truly become an esthetician one must attend ‘advanced’ training. There are schools set up for this like the Dermal Institute. Various product vendors also offer classes. At the advanced training schools, all subjects are in depth and designed to create an esthetician who truly knows what they are doing.

Vendor’s classes are clearly to promote their own goods, but when one is playing with chemicals on someone’s face it’s a good idea to get the instructions from the manufacturer. Counting it all up, I have over 1000 hours of advanced training at various schools and an equal amount from various vendors.

Why all that training? My desire is to be the best in my field, to know and understand the latest techniques and products, to give fabulous service and results. I truly enjoy learning new things or old things in new ways, and I’m inquisitive.

Over the years in my practice I’ve learned that there’s more to the skin than just skin. All kinds of other factors affect how one’s skin looks and feels, for example, an unhealthy body produces less than lovely skin.

Because of this, I have taken on other disciplines to integrate into my practice such as Reiki, Reflexology, Manual Lymph Drainage, Chamissage, Rain Drop Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Soundtherapy.

All of these disciplines can add to the quality of one’s general well being – hence my practice is holistic hands-on treatments for skin, body and soul.

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