About Enzyme Therapy

As featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. This treatment is part of any treatment above a LEVEL 3 at Tamara’s Skin Care Clinic.

The video by Serein Wu, a Los Angeles blogger and the video animation by DMK International explain the fantastic benefits of this treatment.

The Enzyme Therapy is a flagship treatment at Tamara’s Skin Care.

Serein Wu, a popular Los Angeles beauty, fashion, lifestyle blogger takes you along for the incredible DMK Enzyme Therapy professional facial treatment at DMK headquarters in Cerritos, California. She loves this facial because it heals the skin from the inside out. It leaves a plasmatic effect that oxygenates the skin, stimulates the skin’s own natural enzymes while regulating collagen and addressing inflammation. Leaving the skin healthier and stronger.

Here is an in depth look into our most popular treatment – DMK’s Enzyme Therapy. This animation will help you understand how the skin benefits from the Enzyme Masque. This is true oxygen therapy in full effect.

The world of esthetics and skin care therapist are changing for the better. We know more to give you more.

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